Saturday, 26 September 2009

The scammer who scammed himself

Another boring day in Jita trying to make enough to afford the repairs on my ship.I took quite a pounding when I got caught in a gank operation coming into Jita and ended up with massive structure damage, the awful replicated coffee here was barely drinkable, and after 10days of seeing nothing but random contracts which are blatantly scams I was bored.

Bored to a point where I opened a trade guy saying he would sell a Caldari Navy Raven to the first person to open a trade window, grabbing my Neocomm I flashed up a trade window almost immediately.

Surely enough a CNR pops in, then vanishes... and is quickly replaced with a stock Raven, nothing new here I think... and then a evil plan forms.

I enter 450,000 isk, not the 450million he was thinking, with a evil grin on my face I ponder if the scammer will accept, after a few moments he accepts and the deed is done. I check my ship hanger and my new Raven is sat there nicely.

With a cackle, I take out some of my savings and order a three course dinner from the service intercom, and set the dock workers to work on stripping my battered Ravens modules and parts onto my shiny new one.

Till next time.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Alliance Tournament

Well, PL wins once again, with what has to be the most epic Stealth Bomber fleet that I have witnessed in EVE.

C02 put up a valiant fight, and as said by the commentators, they was a underdog of sorts, but I think after the events of today, are soon to become a name which will be rapidly remembered come the next tournament.

If anyone has one of those assault ships going spare, hit me up ;)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Choices Choices...

With a loud alarm my Neocomm awoke me from my drunken slumber, the memories of the celebration painfully apparent in my head. I contemplated throwing my Neocomm into the trash chute, then I noticed a message entitled.

"Navy Dominix + Navy Armageddon coming!!"

At which point I bolted out of bed, and ordered a coffee from the vending machine, and with much interested I read the upcoming changes to the ships, and their respective slot arrangements. Also while also excitingly noting the new bonuses.

As I took some painkillers I surveyed my ship collection one Bhaalgorn, a relic of a drunken nights "good idea". It sat in Jita unused and unloved. I pondered selling it, would surely ease up the funds for the new Navy ships I had to own... when my door alarm sounded...

It was a friend of mine, we barely speak I call him Hyp... because I often think he lives on a diet of caffeine, boosters and energy shots.

Still I indulge him and invite him in, the coffee I just got from the vending machine, consumed in a single go as he blurts out about pirate ships being boosted..

Eventually I calm him down, and come to learn how pirate ships are being boosted also!..

I read up again on even more changes, and look at my Bhaalgorn, I had the contract window about ready to place it on contracts, I cancel that, and see Hyp to the door.

As I sit back, and order another coffee from the machine, I sit and think...

"Dominion, they should call it Hell Unleashed"

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Lemmings Swarm

For those of you unaware, an event unfolded last night which was like no other, a fleet of rookies with no skill-points, in rookie ships, went into low security space and onward to zero security space.

It was an event on part with EVE Radio, and one I plan to take part in very soon.

A quick video to let you see the hilarity.

I should be blogging more soon, at the minute my partner has a broken hand and is not doing too well.

Till next time.