Wednesday, 24 February 2010

High Sec Pos Setups

Over the past few week, our corp has noticed our standing is getting to the magic 5.0 standing required for a high sec research POS.

The biggest problem we face is none of us has setup a POS.  Since I am the most active in the corp it's fallen to me to sort it out, given after some reading we are planning on a research POS, I am planning on some basic ECM and perhaps Cap Warfare, however if anyone wants to help me on a good setup for a medium POS do get in touch in-game.

In addition, to note, a t1 roam into around Gallente low sec worked out well for us, with catching a Pilgrim afk on a gate.  Credit to the Pilgrim pilot thought as if he was on the ball, we probably would not have survived given a few noobish mistakes we made.

Monday, 22 February 2010

My Domain

It does seem like quite a few bloggers are showing their respective setups, so I felt I'd throw mine into the fray.