Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Butterfly Effect In EVE.

Today was just a normal day for me in the world of EVE. As my pulse lasers tore apart another Serpentis baron, I felt no remorse for the pirates who I was sending to their graves. I listened to my radio, and relaxed in my capsule, noticing my neocomm was blinking I took a look at what was going on in local.

I see a request for help in a mission, another pilots tank was breaking and he was scrambled, I often ignore these, but a quick check showed this to be a two month old NPC corp player. After a quick thought, I gave the Serpentis Baron a lucky break and engaged my warp drive to the stricken pilots location.

Upon arriving he is indeed in serious trouble, his armor was very low, and he was pointed by multiple frigates, and his long range railguns was helpless vs the close orbiting pirate ships, I checked the mission which was buzz-kill so I knew immediately I was not ideally tanked for this, either way I released my drones and engaged the frigates surrounding his ailing Megathron, and opened my pulse beams onto the few battleships remaining.

Around five minutes later, the mission was over, he was alive, and perhaps a little wiser, and most thankful and after which we departed.

This had me thinking, their is indeed piracy in EVE, corruption,greed, and distrust.

But their is kindness, and at times it can help make this game that little bit more special.

Till next time.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Alliance Tournament

Well not long now till the next tournament, the previous was my first ever since my arrival in EVE. I enjoyed seeing other capsuleers fight it out in some great setups, using awesome strategies, and obeying their FC with razor sharp precision.

I can only hope this years will bring along more laughs similar to the single interceptor offered 250mil to self destruct!, and the triple A spider tank, those moments will stick with me for a while.

Best of luck to all those involved, and I hope we see some excellent action!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dust 514

I was going to right a long and informative blog about Dust514, CCP's new console based MMO/RTS/FPS. But after reading other blogs such as :

. The Wandering Druid of Tranquility

. Crazy Kinux's Musing

I feel I can only add that I eagerly await more details on the exact impact this will have on people in 0-0 space. Also while the screenshots and videos look impressive I await a playable demoed product with more anticipation then promotional shots.

What I would like to add though would be an interview with the CCP CEO, about Dust.

. Interview (EVE Forums)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Upcoming Patch

I felt I'd lay down a few thoughts on the impending release of Apocrypha.

I feel that in my limited experience, that up to now the market for rigs has never been better, my sales have netted me nice profits. And reasonable demand has been steady for the past few weeks, and the lack of supply to some outer areas has helped me increase my wallet.

Why am I posting this?? well with the patch around the corner sales have fallen through the floor * thanks for the notice CCP ;) ) but I digress my point is this will be a huge help to all manufactures who are in low-mid level corporations, and of course an additional source of income to those in the huge alliances.

I would also like to add that after playing on Singularity for a few days, that I am impressed by the new effects, and I do hope they make it through to TQ. I hope the alliances are still able to effectively use their carriers after the changes, but I feel that some cool-down period may be needed while pilots get used to the new system.

Till next time.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Abundance of stupidity

It has been a while since I was at my home station, after a long day working for my agent, I walked into my familiar room, the cleaner bots had done a decent job, everything was immaculate, in true to my style I thew my coat on my bed, and told the computer to make coffee.

I decided to check on my hangers inventory while I was relaxing with a well earned coffee, and noticed my Proteus was indeed docked here, I had not flown it since I first got it, a smile formed on my face, and I informed the dock to prepare it for a ride, as it lined up on the outbound docking platform for me, it was a stunning sight.

As I undocked and burned off and jumped to warp, and passed into my personal favorite ratting grounds, I noticed upon a single ship following me, shrugging him off I kept popping the rats, suddenly I notice my shields take a single large hit.. and a notice on my screen, I then see concord rush to my aid and destroy this single ship. I bear an evil grin, and scoop his loot, for a gank ship was fitted pretty nicely so thanks ( you know who you are ;) )

Perhaps he didn't notice this was 0.5 space, perhaps he messed up, perhaps I was silly for flying in 0.5 in a T3 Proteus. Or perhaps he thought I was an idiot and would be all gank no tank? either way his loss my gain and as I docked and went to my room, and noticed the cleaning bot had managed to knock over my coffee, I realized stupidity is indeed most abundant, and went to look for a hammer.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dealing with the rookie system baiters

It was a quiet day in my area of EvE, a few guys was arguing near the hanger, sounds like someone pawned him off a normal stabber for a fleet issue. I smugly watched my neocomm for any interesting chatter.

I happened to notice one of my friends on a private chat channel mention about a few guys from some minor corp was can baiting in the newbie system Duripant, bored I ordered my Ishkur from the hanger and paid my bills as I left the bar with a quick swipe.

As all systems come online in my Ishkur I check they are all at optimal and that my drones are stored and primed. I then remembered how much I have fought with this ship. All the battles it has brought me back home from. I smile and undock and immediately jump to warp.

A few jumps later I form up with a few friends and enter Duripant, sure enough we have a Rifter, and a Dominix out can baiting, a quick ship scan showed the Dominix was using invul fields, a chuckle runs across the comms as we empty all the bait cans.

Faced with 4 targets from various corps, we expected them to bail, however we was only half right, scanners showed the Dominix had docked up, and as normal local was full of smack talk, I instructed Aura to minimize local, and powered up the directional scanner, and watched the Rifter pilot who was orbiting me.

A split second as I had checked the directional scanner, my ship was hit, I detected no lock... I curse in my pod, and immediately unleash my drones and web & scram the Rifter and let loose with my blasters, the rounds shaking the tiny Assault Frigate with each volley, I divert power to the microwarp drive and begin to tuck into a tight orbit... before switching power to the armor repairer... I noticed his armor peel from his fragile hull, and soon his pod ejected from the disintegrating ship.

A quick cheer went around the group.. we hoped for more of their corp to come along however... we was disappointed.

Still with one kill under my belt I headed off to Auvergne to check on some orders, and to speak with my agent.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Music and EVE

It was early morning, I climb out of bed, last nights events faded a little in my memory. I grab my neocomm as I leave the shower, and grab my clothes.

As I put on my shades and walk over to the docks where a team of people was getting my Obelisk ready for the trip to Jita, I happen to hear some music, I believe it was a song of Alienhands, it spurred me to think about how music impacts EVE, a thought of which continued on my way to Jita.

Passing through the various jumps, uneventful really I gave some thought of how high BPM music powers the pvp players same as metal... and drum and bass, and how it influences their view of the universe. In addition I also noticed how quieter music like Alienhands can make the universe such a peaceful place, and as I fly by the looted wrecks of a few haulers..I contemplate how such ignorance can be a danger, and hold my cloak on the next gate....

Perhaps it makes no difference and the universe will always be chaotic, but as I glided into the safety of Jita's docking ring, I felt my journey had been very peaceful and as the workers hurried to unload my cargo, I went off to my rented room to meditate.

Till next time.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The newcomer

Sitting in the bar after a long day working for my agent.  I relaxed into the soft chair, and checked my contract sales.. looking good! quite a few good sales there..  Pleased that people pay for something I got for free, I order myself another drink.
As I sit back in the chair with my drink I notice on my Neocomm an application... a 5 day old player wanting to join my corp, perplexed a little as I normally deal with pvp/pve not recruitment I decide to approve him. 
Upon entry I welcome him and begin to run down a check-list of questions, but am stopped by an abrupt demand for isk... I chuckle and sip my drink and inform him EVE does not work like that.  The reply was more profanity about how a pirate killed him in low sec space.  I explain about low sec and the rules of don't fly what you cannot afford to loose, to more excuses on him needing isk for a Caracal... of which I know obviously he has no skills to fly...
After about 30minutes of trying to help him, the bar is closing and I feel I need to wrap this up as I could use some sleep, as I have a huge hauling job to Jita tomorrow and I need to be alert.. in asking him if we could continue tomorrow he drops out of corp... a quick check and he has left and is back in a NPC corp.
Bemused a little I hand my empty glass in at the bar, and head for my bed.. a weird night for sure.

Starting Up

Well, this is mainly a starting block as I get to grips with the whole layout.

I plan to maintain this with my experiences in EVE. And my thoughts in regard to the DevBlogs.