Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Music and EVE

It was early morning, I climb out of bed, last nights events faded a little in my memory. I grab my neocomm as I leave the shower, and grab my clothes.

As I put on my shades and walk over to the docks where a team of people was getting my Obelisk ready for the trip to Jita, I happen to hear some music, I believe it was a song of Alienhands, it spurred me to think about how music impacts EVE, a thought of which continued on my way to Jita.

Passing through the various jumps, uneventful really I gave some thought of how high BPM music powers the pvp players same as metal... and drum and bass, and how it influences their view of the universe. In addition I also noticed how quieter music like Alienhands can make the universe such a peaceful place, and as I fly by the looted wrecks of a few haulers..I contemplate how such ignorance can be a danger, and hold my cloak on the next gate....

Perhaps it makes no difference and the universe will always be chaotic, but as I glided into the safety of Jita's docking ring, I felt my journey had been very peaceful and as the workers hurried to unload my cargo, I went off to my rented room to meditate.

Till next time.

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