Friday, 14 August 2009

Abundance of stupidity

It has been a while since I was at my home station, after a long day working for my agent, I walked into my familiar room, the cleaner bots had done a decent job, everything was immaculate, in true to my style I thew my coat on my bed, and told the computer to make coffee.

I decided to check on my hangers inventory while I was relaxing with a well earned coffee, and noticed my Proteus was indeed docked here, I had not flown it since I first got it, a smile formed on my face, and I informed the dock to prepare it for a ride, as it lined up on the outbound docking platform for me, it was a stunning sight.

As I undocked and burned off and jumped to warp, and passed into my personal favorite ratting grounds, I noticed upon a single ship following me, shrugging him off I kept popping the rats, suddenly I notice my shields take a single large hit.. and a notice on my screen, I then see concord rush to my aid and destroy this single ship. I bear an evil grin, and scoop his loot, for a gank ship was fitted pretty nicely so thanks ( you know who you are ;) )

Perhaps he didn't notice this was 0.5 space, perhaps he messed up, perhaps I was silly for flying in 0.5 in a T3 Proteus. Or perhaps he thought I was an idiot and would be all gank no tank? either way his loss my gain and as I docked and went to my room, and noticed the cleaning bot had managed to knock over my coffee, I realized stupidity is indeed most abundant, and went to look for a hammer.

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