Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Butterfly Effect In EVE.

Today was just a normal day for me in the world of EVE. As my pulse lasers tore apart another Serpentis baron, I felt no remorse for the pirates who I was sending to their graves. I listened to my radio, and relaxed in my capsule, noticing my neocomm was blinking I took a look at what was going on in local.

I see a request for help in a mission, another pilots tank was breaking and he was scrambled, I often ignore these, but a quick check showed this to be a two month old NPC corp player. After a quick thought, I gave the Serpentis Baron a lucky break and engaged my warp drive to the stricken pilots location.

Upon arriving he is indeed in serious trouble, his armor was very low, and he was pointed by multiple frigates, and his long range railguns was helpless vs the close orbiting pirate ships, I checked the mission which was buzz-kill so I knew immediately I was not ideally tanked for this, either way I released my drones and engaged the frigates surrounding his ailing Megathron, and opened my pulse beams onto the few battleships remaining.

Around five minutes later, the mission was over, he was alive, and perhaps a little wiser, and most thankful and after which we departed.

This had me thinking, their is indeed piracy in EVE, corruption,greed, and distrust.

But their is kindness, and at times it can help make this game that little bit more special.

Till next time.

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