Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dealing with the rookie system baiters

It was a quiet day in my area of EvE, a few guys was arguing near the hanger, sounds like someone pawned him off a normal stabber for a fleet issue. I smugly watched my neocomm for any interesting chatter.

I happened to notice one of my friends on a private chat channel mention about a few guys from some minor corp was can baiting in the newbie system Duripant, bored I ordered my Ishkur from the hanger and paid my bills as I left the bar with a quick swipe.

As all systems come online in my Ishkur I check they are all at optimal and that my drones are stored and primed. I then remembered how much I have fought with this ship. All the battles it has brought me back home from. I smile and undock and immediately jump to warp.

A few jumps later I form up with a few friends and enter Duripant, sure enough we have a Rifter, and a Dominix out can baiting, a quick ship scan showed the Dominix was using invul fields, a chuckle runs across the comms as we empty all the bait cans.

Faced with 4 targets from various corps, we expected them to bail, however we was only half right, scanners showed the Dominix had docked up, and as normal local was full of smack talk, I instructed Aura to minimize local, and powered up the directional scanner, and watched the Rifter pilot who was orbiting me.

A split second as I had checked the directional scanner, my ship was hit, I detected no lock... I curse in my pod, and immediately unleash my drones and web & scram the Rifter and let loose with my blasters, the rounds shaking the tiny Assault Frigate with each volley, I divert power to the microwarp drive and begin to tuck into a tight orbit... before switching power to the armor repairer... I noticed his armor peel from his fragile hull, and soon his pod ejected from the disintegrating ship.

A quick cheer went around the group.. we hoped for more of their corp to come along however... we was disappointed.

Still with one kill under my belt I headed off to Auvergne to check on some orders, and to speak with my agent.

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