Saturday, 21 November 2009

CCP's Public Image

As any EVE player must know by now, a huge issue has been looming over EVE the past month or so, the fact that the changes proposed by CCP, and tested and agreed by hundreds of dedicated EVE subscribers who gave their time in testing, was just thrown away by an unknown member of CCP.

Add to this that the suddenly revised changes to super-capitals, of which brought a thread-naught like no other ever seen on the EVE forums, with bitter sworn enemies agreeing on the outrageous re-balancing proposed by CCP Nozh, and then coupled with the fact that CCP are actively deleting posts which does not suit their desired public image on the boards, and we are looking at very bad public image, and a truly dismal look at how CCP seem to interpret the active views of their subscribers.

The fact that they are both deleting posts, and have yet to give a good reason without hiding behind excuses to the members who gave their time on testing, as to why they suddenly proposed some totally awful changes and trashed the changes which was agreed good by the mass community. In addition these changes have only proved that they know little if not nothing about their own mechanics of the super capitals ( Target painters vs Dreads?? o-O )

I agree with a fellow blogger, Dominion should be postponed and CCP should resolve this public relations disaster, CCP Nozh should apologize for his terrible handling of the re balancing, and the views of those who actively use these ships in EVE should be listened to and given credit.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Back In Gallente Space

Well as a follow-up on my previous blog post. I succeeded with some help to regain my Amarr standing so I can fly in Amarr space.

I now have l4 agents in Gallante & Ammatar space. A big help in rebuilding standing.

I also had the fun of running a few missions in low sec, and evading the local pirates, had a few close calls, but overall enjoyed my time.

The only thing I have to say about Ammatar space is how quiet it is. Really I thought some ninja's would be capitalizing on the amount of missions run up there.

Anyways back to business!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Boldly I Go With Just A Punisher

Some of you will know that I've been having problems with my standing with Amarr Navy being at -6.16 with Diplomacy IV.

Today I discovered I could use a single -15 quality Ammatar agent, so I've fitted a Punisher in Dodixie, and left my corp mates and moved over to deep in Minmatar space to begin the long grind.

If anyone has any tips please do either evemail me in game or post them here in the comments.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dominion's Changes My Own View

I felt I'd give a few paragraphs on my thoughts about Dominion and the upcoming changes to the Sovereignty system.

I am a high sec dweller, I spend sometime in low sec space, but I have nothing to do with the politics of null sec, so that's out of the way.

For all too long we have heard of how major alliances have basically a concrete foothold on money printing moons in null sec, enough to fund those high enough in the alliance indefinitely in EVE.

This I honestly feel is totally wrong, and was in need of fixing, while many null sec people are whining about how level IV missions are safe and a steady way to make isk, one thing remains a factor between the two parties. This is that level IV players, have to grind to make their isk. Where as those high up in the huge Sov 4 holding alliances basically sat back and let the money come in.

Therefore I feel adding some grind to the null sec's dinner is a good move, it will stop AFK empires being built, and open the space up to both high+low sec alliances/corporations, who are used to and willing to grind and own some space.

I look forward to the proposed changes from CCP as mentioned by my good friend Prometheus09 which should be made public today or tomorrow.

Either way change is a good thing in EVE, and while there is much controversy the fact remains any change, any change at all would likely have brought highly opinionated views being thrown on the table.

For reference the threadnaught is being discussed: HERE