Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The newcomer

Sitting in the bar after a long day working for my agent.  I relaxed into the soft chair, and checked my contract sales.. looking good! quite a few good sales there..  Pleased that people pay for something I got for free, I order myself another drink.
As I sit back in the chair with my drink I notice on my Neocomm an application... a 5 day old player wanting to join my corp, perplexed a little as I normally deal with pvp/pve not recruitment I decide to approve him. 
Upon entry I welcome him and begin to run down a check-list of questions, but am stopped by an abrupt demand for isk... I chuckle and sip my drink and inform him EVE does not work like that.  The reply was more profanity about how a pirate killed him in low sec space.  I explain about low sec and the rules of don't fly what you cannot afford to loose, to more excuses on him needing isk for a Caracal... of which I know obviously he has no skills to fly...
After about 30minutes of trying to help him, the bar is closing and I feel I need to wrap this up as I could use some sleep, as I have a huge hauling job to Jita tomorrow and I need to be alert.. in asking him if we could continue tomorrow he drops out of corp... a quick check and he has left and is back in a NPC corp.
Bemused a little I hand my empty glass in at the bar, and head for my bed.. a weird night for sure.

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