Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Upcoming Patch

I felt I'd lay down a few thoughts on the impending release of Apocrypha.

I feel that in my limited experience, that up to now the market for rigs has never been better, my sales have netted me nice profits. And reasonable demand has been steady for the past few weeks, and the lack of supply to some outer areas has helped me increase my wallet.

Why am I posting this?? well with the patch around the corner sales have fallen through the floor * thanks for the notice CCP ;) ) but I digress my point is this will be a huge help to all manufactures who are in low-mid level corporations, and of course an additional source of income to those in the huge alliances.

I would also like to add that after playing on Singularity for a few days, that I am impressed by the new effects, and I do hope they make it through to TQ. I hope the alliances are still able to effectively use their carriers after the changes, but I feel that some cool-down period may be needed while pilots get used to the new system.

Till next time.

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