Saturday, 12 September 2009

Choices Choices...

With a loud alarm my Neocomm awoke me from my drunken slumber, the memories of the celebration painfully apparent in my head. I contemplated throwing my Neocomm into the trash chute, then I noticed a message entitled.

"Navy Dominix + Navy Armageddon coming!!"

At which point I bolted out of bed, and ordered a coffee from the vending machine, and with much interested I read the upcoming changes to the ships, and their respective slot arrangements. Also while also excitingly noting the new bonuses.

As I took some painkillers I surveyed my ship collection one Bhaalgorn, a relic of a drunken nights "good idea". It sat in Jita unused and unloved. I pondered selling it, would surely ease up the funds for the new Navy ships I had to own... when my door alarm sounded...

It was a friend of mine, we barely speak I call him Hyp... because I often think he lives on a diet of caffeine, boosters and energy shots.

Still I indulge him and invite him in, the coffee I just got from the vending machine, consumed in a single go as he blurts out about pirate ships being boosted..

Eventually I calm him down, and come to learn how pirate ships are being boosted also!..

I read up again on even more changes, and look at my Bhaalgorn, I had the contract window about ready to place it on contracts, I cancel that, and see Hyp to the door.

As I sit back, and order another coffee from the machine, I sit and think...

"Dominion, they should call it Hell Unleashed"

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