Saturday, 26 September 2009

The scammer who scammed himself

Another boring day in Jita trying to make enough to afford the repairs on my ship.I took quite a pounding when I got caught in a gank operation coming into Jita and ended up with massive structure damage, the awful replicated coffee here was barely drinkable, and after 10days of seeing nothing but random contracts which are blatantly scams I was bored.

Bored to a point where I opened a trade guy saying he would sell a Caldari Navy Raven to the first person to open a trade window, grabbing my Neocomm I flashed up a trade window almost immediately.

Surely enough a CNR pops in, then vanishes... and is quickly replaced with a stock Raven, nothing new here I think... and then a evil plan forms.

I enter 450,000 isk, not the 450million he was thinking, with a evil grin on my face I ponder if the scammer will accept, after a few moments he accepts and the deed is done. I check my ship hanger and my new Raven is sat there nicely.

With a cackle, I take out some of my savings and order a three course dinner from the service intercom, and set the dock workers to work on stripping my battered Ravens modules and parts onto my shiny new one.

Till next time.