Sunday, 11 October 2009

Titan Pilot For A Day

It was one of those days, I have been having fun with Prometheus dealing with some macro mining hulks, but I fancied something totally new for a few days.

It was at this point, that I heard off a station not far from my location which was offering to put pilots into a test holographic-environment, here they would have level V skills, and best of all, will be able to pilot Titans of all races. I plotted course, and booked myself in en-route.

Upon arrival my ship was taken to a secure dock, and my ID was checked to verify I was suitable for the tests at hand.

As I entered the test environment, I checked my assets and almost fell over at the list of goodies, faction ships of all races & types. Plus I had every racial capital + titan.

I loaded up a old Avatar fit I remember seeing in channel, and fitted her up and then undocked.

What greeted me was sheer hell, the hundreds of capital wrecks, and in seconds the ships computer alerted me to an incoming missile from a nearby Phoenix, without thinking much, I diverted power to the armor tank and locked up the Phoenix, and then fired the doomsday.

As the doomsday spooled up, my ship took numerous hits which would tear apart any other ship, and then, the Phoenix stopped firing, it shook violently and then exploded with a huge shock-wave, which shook all the smaller ships in the vicinity.

I sat back with an evil grin, and noted Aura mention of the ships fuel supply down by 10%, as I slowly made my way across the field of utter carnage, mangled wrecks of the finest ships in the universe, seeing battles with hordes of fighter bombers, the immense weaponry at hand here, I got a new taste for what exists in EVE.

And so I set my course to the FFA2 beacon, which was a free for all for capital ships, and prepared for combat.


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